Our Team

Laura Rubio

With a background in architectural technology and a passion for travel and cultural diversity, LaVRA is an epicure and a lover of all things alluring in life. LaVRA went from thinking eating was a chore (as a child) to discovering, exploring and learning about food, cooking and eating - rather as bijou, art and thrill -. Her journey through life has on several occasions intermingled with the culinary world and food industry. A short lived experience as a restaurant owner in her home country back in 2009 left her only more curious. Laura Rubio and Christopher Burke's experimentations in the kitchen brought the concept of Recipieces to life. LaVRA is the principal partner of Recipieces and (along with Chris, Teresa and Victoria) the co-founder of the company. LaVRA's Last meal on earth, - if having reached old old age and hopelessly senile - (as the gypsies condemned her to be while backpacking in Barcelona) probably some boring apple compote at some hospital or retirement home....but it will taste like sinfully delicious pan seared foie gras with armagnac reduction over a perfect crostini. Of course, spoon-fed by the chef/nurse.

Christopher Burke

Chris is a foodie-come-lately who has been involved with all aspects of the online side of the business in addition to managing our wine offering. Sometimes even both at the same time... ;) Having spent the entirety of his professional life (18 years and counting) helping a variety of businesses create compelling online experiences, Recipieces represents his first chance to truly combine and share the loves of his life. Chris' guilty culinary pleasure? A bacon and butter sandwich, topped with.....more bacon. And for his last meal, he is still searching for a magical peanut chicken recipe that he has only had the opportunity to sample once in his life. It's secrets may be lost to the universe, but that doesn't stop him from searching. And when he finds it, you can be sure that he'll talk to the owner of this place to set it free. And maybe top it with bacons.

Victoria Abad

A cartographer by trade and a world traveller by vocation, she has developed a curious and broadened palate through her travels. She reminiscences about how the kitchen was the busiest space of her childhood home: “for my mom ‘la cocina era la oficina’ the kitchen was her office”. Recipices has become Victoria’s new open ticket to her adventures through food and entertaining. Victoria’s guiltiest pleasure food is “merengon de guanabana” a meringue based dessert filled with whipping cream and sour sop.

Patrick Kleinmann

The newest addition to the Recipieces Team! Patrick brings a wealth of culinary experience and ambition to Recipieces, and will play a critical role in developing our menu and bringing these dishes to life. Pastry Chef and Chef de cave, a true Frenchman by blood, culture and spirit, Patrick is fuelled by his passion for style, warmth and a true blend of perfection and down to earth hospitality. In demand for his strategic collaborations and highly skilled efforts in developing word-famous restaurants, he is no stranger to being courted by the likes of restaurateurs Umberto Menghi, Jean-Paul Bucher and Uli Prager (who started Movenpick in Europe). Working for the industry’s finest years ago, allowed Patrick to serve Hollywood’s best including actors Halle Berry and Al Pacino, sports legend Wayne Gretzky, Jim Balsillie, the Prince of Monaco and R & B singer Usher. In addition to his role with Recipieces, Patrick is also the primary partner for A La Carte Restaurant Management and the owner of La Petite France Restaurant here in Toronto.

Paul Deveau

Paul’s role in this endeavour is as one of the photographers of the delicious foods you see on the website. His main passion in photography is candid moments. He loves the candor and innocence of the quiet moment when people are simply reflecting on life. "One thing that I have have discovered in the last year is my delight at the diversity presented by the different ethnic groups I have worked with lately. It is truly interesting and enriching working with a smattering of different peoples. It has helped me grow personally and to be a better person." His ultimate guilty pleasure would have to be maple syrup. On just about anything, including bacon fried rice. Simple, and packed with good memories. His last meal would be simple too (comfort food) - fried liver with mashed potatoes (melting butter on top) and green beans with bacon strips on the side. No gravy. No flourishes. Just the way his mom used to make when he was a kid.

Amin Diary

Amin, 27 and based out of Turkey, is the lead Developer and Wordpress guru for the project and mostly responsible for the fact that you can read this at all. ;) He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, but prefers front-end web development, and continually seeks new challenges to improve his skills in this way. To the strains of hard / metal music. "Outside of this, I just want to live, laugh and love. The Recipieces project was a good experience for me and I am happy to be part of the team." Favorite food: "Maybe ghormeh sabzi from my homecountry :D"